Contact ALP Abroad

For all media enquires contact ALP Abroad President Paul Smith on 44(0) 7 939 240 228 or [email protected]

To find an ALP Abroad group in your city please email your city contact. If there is none why not contact us and offer to start your own!

London Paul Smith [email protected]
Hong Kong Brad Newman [email protected]
Singapore Susie Irvine [email protected]
Bangkok Nicholas Hudson-Ellis [email protected]
Washington James Booth [email protected]
Rome Will Brydie Watson [email protected]
Berlin Ameila Freelander [email protected]
Tokyo John Bosworth [email protected]
Paris Alison Bunting [email protected]
Phnom Penh Mandy Cheung [email protected]
New York Ryan Hamilton [email protected]
Dublin Dermot Ryan [email protected]
New Dehli Susan Cherian [email protected]
Los Angeles Brian Lau [email protected]
Vancouver Morgan Stewart [email protected]