About ALP Abroad

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ALP Abroad is the Australian Labor Party's network of international supporters.  We support Labor because we want an Australia to be proud of while we are overseas; and that will continue to provide opportunity and fairness when we return. 


Our History

ALP Abroad was formed in 2004 as the successor organisation to the ALP UK Society, which was formally launched by Gough and Margaret Whitlam at a meeting at Camden Town Hall in February 14th 1976 to a packed audience of Australians who had supported Labor in London in the 1975 election. We have campaigned for Labor in every London election since then. ALP Abroad now has active supporters in many counties around the world including Ireland Hong Kong, Singapore,and Tokyo.

What we do

ALP Abroad works to maximise Labor's overseas vote at both federal and state elections by campaigning to

  • enroll voters as Overseas voters
  • staff overseas polling overseas stations in Federal elections.

Here is a video of our 2019 Federal election volunteers . Over 70,000 votes are caste in person at overseas polling stations in every Federal election and Australia House in London  processes over 15,000 votes,more ballots than any other polling booth at a federal election. Close seats such as Herbert in 2016 have been won by for Labor by overseas votes so your help makes a difference.

We have regular speakers and events. Previous guest speakers have included Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Simon Crean, Bob McMullan, Peter Beattie, Mike Rann, Jay Weatherill, Bill Shorten, Carmen Lawrence, Jenny Mcalister, Wayne Swan,Chris Bowen,Richard Marles, Mark Butler, Tim Gartrell, Paul Erickson and Anthony Albanese.

Past events have included several tours to Oxford to discover the true story of Bob Hawke's beer drinking record, annual tours of the House of Commons, initiating Gough Whitlam's London memorial, visiting the first Labor majority Prime Minister Andrew Fisher's grave and our Christmas party with Australian treats.

How we work

ALP Abroad's constitution reflects Labor's democratic socialist principles and the basic rules of organisation contained in Australian Labor National Constitution modified to reflects our international role. We are not part the ALP's official membership structure but have enjoyed a close working relationship for over 45 years. 

Member and volunteers are encouraged to get involved. It is a great way to meet like minded Australians while overseas.The best way to do that is to  sign up to our mailing list and join our face book group Our Annual Report give a flavour of the wide variety of events we have

The Annual report is presented at our Annual General Meeting held in October/November of each year in the House of Commons. If you are a financial member of ALP Abroad you may stand for election to the ALP Abroad Executive as set our in ALP Abroad's constitution.