By Paul Smith

26 May 2020

To vote in the Eden-Monaro by-election you need to enrol to vote as postal voter as there is no voting at embassies unlike Federal elections.


How to vote overseas in three easy steps


1) Make sure you are enrolled to vote on the AEC website by June 4th.

2) If you are enrolled in Eden Monaro apply for a postal vote. If you are not enrolled in Eden Monaro use the Enrol to vote from Overseas form. 

3) Apply to vote for a postal vote online Applications close July 1st.


Labor's candidate is local Bega Mayor Kristy McBain who showed strong community leadership and empathy during the bushfires earlier this year  (pictured left above talking to bushfire affected resident)

To vote Labor you must place a 1 next to Kristy McBain on the ballot paper and number all squares.