How to vote from Overseas in the ACT elections October 17th

If you currently live Overseas you need to either vote by

1) post 

2) electronically

You need to be registered to vote first. Voting registration close 6pm(EST) September 11th   Check and update your enrolment here. 


You can apply for a postal vote for the 2020 ACT election in two ways:

Ballot papers will be mailed from September 28th. Applications must be received by October 15th. 

To be counted, you must have voted on or before 17 October 2020 and your completed postal vote must reach Elections ACT by Friday 23 October 2020.


For electors in an overseas location prior to and during the voting period, an online electronic voting service will be made available. To be eligible to use the overseas e-voting service, electors must be in an overseas location at the time of voting.

The overseas e-voting service will be operational only during the voting period 9 am 28 September to 6 pm 17 October 2020 (AEDT).

A link to the overseas e-voting service will be made available on this webpage during the voting period.

Due to the time required for the postal vote to be sent to an international location, completed on or before 17 October 2020 and returned to Elections ACT by the cut off date for the return of postal votes, Friday 23 October 2020, an electronic vote may be a safer option in this election.