How to vote from Overseas in the NSW Local Government Elections December 4th

You can vote in the NSW Local Government elections on December 4th if you are enrolled to vote. 

Enrol to vote or check your enrolment here

You cannot vote in person. You can vote online using Ivote or by post.


Applications to vote using Ivote open on November 22nd and you will be able to do so on this page after that date.

We recommend you use Ivote as it will be quicker than postal votes sent from Australia.


Apply online for to a postal vote.

For local government elections 

  • You must apply at the NSW Electoral Commission by 5pm on the Monday before election day.

  • The returning officer must receive your completed ballot papers by 6pm, 13 days after election day

How to vote Labor

Vote 1 above the line for the Labor team in your local ward and 1 for Mayor if you local area has a directly elected Mayor(most don't)